Increasing Sales with Add-On Purchases! #2 – Front Endcap

[Part 2 of 5]

In my last post I talked about proper merchandising of the front counter, so its only logical to move on to the next closest thing:  The “Front End Cap

 The guy selling hats on the beach knows:  When you have the right items, in the right place … you’ll make the sale.



The Front End Cap

Just to make sure we’re all on the same page, I’m talking about the first 3-foot section that the customer sees when walking into the store, typically it is facing the counter.

Now that we got that straight, what about it?

As far as I’m concerned it is the single most important section in your store (outside of the counter, the cooler, coffee, etc)  because it has the most income generating potential when used properly.

But sadly, this is a section that is often wasted on slow sellers or low GP items.

Rules and Guidelines for F.F.E. merchandising:

  • It should never be empty.
  • This should be the first section you stock and front-face.
  • It should be merchandised with products that are both fast sellers (for impulse purchases) and high GP%.  For example:
    • Top selling candy/gum/mints
    • Top selling packaged pastry items
    • If it’s the height of summer, you can display sunglasses
    • If it’s dead of winter then gloves.
    • It should never be a hajpaj of different items.
    • It should never be slow sellers that you’re trying to get rid of.  (The same thinking from the previous post, applies here. So if you need to, go back and re-read)

I hope you get the idea.  Don’t worry about duplication.  If you have candy somewhere else too, it’s fine.  These are incremental sales.

How do you judge if this section is performing well, or needs to be re-merchandised?  Simple.  Like I said before, this should be a top GP$ producing section.  If it isn’t producing, you need to re-merchandise the section with some other products until it is.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of “Increasing Sales with Add-On Purchases”!

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One Response to “Increasing Sales with Add-On Purchases! #2 – Front Endcap”

  1. adri Says:

    what can a sale in my convenience store.something to bring people in like food ideas for the deli or any extra to sale something in particular to attract people in the store.

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