Increasing Sales with Add-On Purchases! #3 – Plus Selling

[Part 3 of 5]

In my last two posts I wrote about the importance of properly merchandising the Front End Cap and Front Counter.

Now that we have the main area around the counter taken care of, it makes sense to discuss the MOST EFFECTIVE way to increase sales with Add-On Purchases:



Plus Selling

I am shocked and amazed by convenience store owners that don’t even attempt this most effective tool to grow sales and profits.  Most operators claim their employees are not capable of doing it, but some don’t even bother trying.

Do you realize that any time you go to a Fast Food chain, you are plus sold?  Are their employees better?  I doubt it!

“Would you like fries with that?” 

Was made famous by McDonald’s, and has literally made them BILLIONS.  “And what kind of drink would you like?”  Another gigantic money maker.

So what is the equivalent in the Convenience Store world??  Well here are a few ideas to get you started, in order of effectiveness:

  • “Would you like a lighter for your cigarettes?” ( or even better, “What kind of lighter would you like?“) –  An INSTANT $1 high GP plus sell. 
    • I would say this is the best plus sell in the business.
  • “Would you like any drink with that?”
  • “Have you tried the new Limited Edition Reese’s??” 
  • “Would you like a fresh baked cookie/brownie??”
  • Or any special promo that you might be running is an effective plus sell.

The key of course is training your employees to plus sell EVERY time.  No exceptions.  You should start with 3 plus-sell-able items.  First item such as a lighter should ALWAYS be offered with cigarettes.  Second item such as a drink should ALWAYS be offered to anyone buying snacks/candy.  Third is a focus item that is on the counter such as a cookie or candy bar, that can be offered to the rest of the customers.

EVERY CUSTOMER needs to be plus-sold without exception!

If you would like to increase your sales and profits by maximizing the opportunities in your store, please contact me for a FREE email consultation at:


3 Responses to “Increasing Sales with Add-On Purchases! #3 – Plus Selling”

  1. Dan Waldron Says:

    A friend of mine just emailed me one of your articles from a while back. I read that one a few more. Really enjoy your blog. Thanks

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Could you be allowed to sale own made food products?

    • cstoreguru Says:

      95% of the time no. Food products are a tricky business. If someone gets sick they will sue, so you need to have adequate insurance and comply with all sorts of regulations.

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