Increasing Sales with Add-On Purchases! #4 – Cross Merchandising

[Part 4 of 5]

In my last three posts I wrote about the importance of properly merchandising the Front End Cap and Front Counter, and the tremendous importance of Plus Selling.

Now it’s time to tackle the most effective way to increase sales with Add-on Purchases without actually having to speak to the customer: 


 “Cross Merchandising

Some retailers do this better than others, and in my experience convenience stores are generally on the worse end.  This is very surprising because a convenience store is designed to be “convenient” for your customers, and this strategy isn’t just about customer service: it’s about adding real profit to your bottom line.

What I’m talking about isn’t rocket science, but it does take effort.  You have to actually plan the merchandising layout of every section in your store, but the results are well worth it. 

Here’s a few simple cross merchandising suggestions, but the sky is the limit for what your customers might want or need:

  • If a customer is looking at Corona 12pk’s there should be some limes within reach.
  • If you sell coffee, a small display of packaged pastries should be right on the counter.
  • Impulsive items such as candy should be merchandised in multiple areas around the store.
  • If a customer is looking at buying a razor, the matching razor blades need to be right next to it. 
  • The salsa should be right next to the chips.
  • If you sell sandwiches & burritos, the 3 tops selling drinks need to be merchandised on the same shelf.

Like I said, the sky is the limit when it comes to cross merchandising ideas. 

It is very important not to ignore this vital aspect of merchandising because as you probably know, if a customer can’t find something in a convenience store, most of the time they will leave without asking for it.  And if you can’t count on your employees to plus sell, then you have to depend on the merchandising to speak for itself.

If you would like to increase your sales and profits by maximizing the opportunities in your store, please contact me for a FREE email consultation at:


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