About Me

I have spent 6 years working as a District Manager (Consultant) for 7-Eleven, Inc.

In that time, I have learned about every aspect of store operations, what it takes to run a successful convenience store, how to maximize store profits, and of course how to cut costs effectively (not at the expense of sales). I even had the pleasure of being selected to participate in one of the most successful advertising campaigns of 2007, the Simpson’s Kwik-e-Mart promotion, where my store outperformed the rest of the country by 200%.

If you’re wondering about my overall results, my stores have consistently posted near double digit sales increases in my first few years with the company. In 2006 my store sales were 14% above the prior year. In 2007 I led the western United States with a 23% sales increase over prior year. Lastly before leaving the company at the end of July, My stores were on track to follow-up the 23% increase with another 8% (This of course with the economy in recession and average store sales flat to last year). My gross profit numbers (Franchisee income) mirror the increases in sales.

To summarize,  in my tenure I have helped many store owners make a lot more money.

If you are considering purchasing a convenience store and would like unbiased answers to all of your questions as well as advice on specific store locations, you can reach me at:


If you are an existing store owner, I offer a variety of affordable consulting options to help you increase your sales and profits.

I am so confident in my service that for all existing stores:

I GUARANTEE your Gross Profit Increase to be AT LEAST DOUBLE what I charge, or you don’t pay a single cent.


3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Eric Says:

    Dear Sir Madam: Your information that you provided has been helpful as I desire to be a 7 eleven franchisee. I have limited retail experience but do have assets. I would like to purchase a high volume store in the no va area 2000000. Hopefully they will approve me. I would be willing to put in the time and energy to make my endeavour successful. Hopefully theywill approve me> Ihaveworked very hard inthe automotive business and need a change. Im sure this is time consuming and requires commitment but at least hot dogs, slurpees and cigaretttes dont change like vehicles do. Thanks for your post…any info that you canprovide would be helpful…hopefully they will approve me

  2. Janey Says:

    It seems that this information is out of date, are you still a DM or do you freelance, what location did you dm at in 7-Eleven

    • cstoreguru Says:

      I had already left 7-eleven at the time of publishing this page, so the information is not actually out of date. Nothing has changed.

      I was freelancing 2008-2010, but have since changed careers, so I no longer accept most projects requests, I mostly just help folks when I have time to do so.

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