5 Reasons to buy a 7-Eleven!

5.  You don’t need any experience!!!  So this is a good starter business.

“Wait!!”, you say, “That can’t be true!!”… well here’s the funny thing:  even though having experience would be tremendously beneficial,  after spending sometime around the 7-Eleven’s qualification process, I can honestly say that if you were competent enough to complete high school (know how to read, write, and some basic arithmetic) you will more than qualify as long as you come across confident in your interview. 

But watch out!!  If this is your starter business, make sure you have a clear exit strategy because if you’re not careful, this business will suck you in, and in a blink of an eye it will be 10 years later and you’re exactly where you were on day 1 (Maybe $150K or so richer)

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