5 Reasons to buy a 7-Eleven!

5.  You don’t need any experience!!!  So this is a good starter business.

“Wait!!”, you say, “That can’t be true!!”… well here’s the funny thing:  even though having experience would be tremendously beneficial,  after spending sometime around the 7-Eleven’s qualification process, I can honestly say that if you were competent enough to complete high school (know how to read, write, and some basic arithmetic) you will more than qualify as long as you come across confident in your interview. 

But watch out!!  If this is your starter business, make sure you have a clear exit strategy because if you’re not careful, this business will suck you in, and in a blink of an eye it will be 10 years later and you’re exactly where you were on day 1 (Maybe $150K or so richer)

4.  Are you a social person?? Get to know your local blue collar community!

Often more than you ever wanted :-).  You will be a star.  Everyone in the neighborhood will know you.  An average  7-Eleven has over 800 transactions a day, that’s a fair amount of people.  So if you’re looking for some exposure (usually among the blue collar crowd) this is the business for you.

3. Established business system with all the tools in place (turnkey business).

Yea I know, this could be said for any franchise, but I think 7-eleven does a lot more handholding than most.  After training, you walk into a fully merchandised store and start ringing sales.  Unlike many other businesses, franchise included, (short of some act of god), or new competition you’re almost guaranteed those 800, or so customers per day.  Now if only you could plus sell them something 😀

2.  Fairly low start up costs.

When compared to other franchises.  When you buy a 7-Eleven you have two major costs:  Franchise Fee (money you pay to the company) and Goodwill(money you pay to the outgoing franchisee).  Both amounts vary depending on the sales and profitability of the store in question, but a rough estimate for an average store without gas could be $125K for the franchise fee and $225K in goodwill.  That’s pretty much it… so as you can see $350K is fairly affordable compared to other top franchises (especially if the outgoing franchisee is willing to carry your loan 😉 )

1. Flexibility

Have a doctor’s appointment today?  No problem… you can always finish the paperwork tomorrow (just don’t put it off too much or you’ll get a breach of contract).  This is a great business for parents as you can always make time to pick up kids from school, take them to soccer practice, or just about anything else.



If you are considering purchasing a 7-Eleven and would like unbiased answers to all of your questions as well as advice on specific store locations:

You can reach me at: c-store-expert@greatconsult.com  or post a question/comment  right here:


29 Responses to “5 Reasons to buy a 7-Eleven!”

  1. John D. Says:

    So what’s the bottom line???
    Is it a good buy?

  2. cstoreguru Says:

    The bottom line is sadly there is no bottom line 😀 .

    I know it’s not what you want to hear, but it all depends on your personal situation.
    Send me an email at c-store-expert@greatconsult.com so we can set up a time to talk and I will do my best to help you figure out if this is the right business for you.

  3. hamilton merilus Says:

    please i would like to talk to you about owning a 7-Eleven. Please can you give me a call or i will cal you if you provide me with a number to call you. 631-578-8734. Thank you.

  4. Nizamuddin Vijapura Says:

    Hello Sir

    I Nizamuddin From India

    I have completed my food & bevrages course in singapore this years Jan-2008

    I would like to take over 7-Eleven Franchises in singapore

    total setup franchises cost
    Monthly rent
    all togethe total cost
    please give me reply

    • cstoreguru Says:

      Nizamuddin, Singapore 7-Elevens are operated by a licensee, so I am not familliar with the rules and regulations. Please contact the local franchising manager and I’m sure they will be more than happy to speak with you.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Reasonable Financial Investment
    With a moderate investment, you can have an opportunity to reap the benefits of the longevity, stability and proven results of a global company:

    * Franchise Fee –The Franchisee pays a one-time Franchise Fee. The amount of this fee is based on the individual store’s gross profit, which may vary significantly depending on the area.
    * Gasoline Fee – If the store is a gasoline location, the Franchisee pays a one-time Gasoline Fee in addition to the Franchise Fee. The amount of this one-time fee is based on the store’s annual total gallons sold for the prior year.
    * Initial Cash Payment – The Franchisee makes a one-time cash payment in an amount equal to the cost of the store’s initial inventory, supplies, business licenses, permits, bonds and cash register fund. As with the Franchise Fee, the amount of this cash payment may vary significantly depending on the area.
    * “Goodwill” Sales – A prospective Franchisee may wish to purchase a current Franchisee’s interest in his or her business for which the prospective Franchisee must negotiate a price with the current Franchisee. This is called a “premium” or “goodwill” sale, although no Trademark goodwill is included. The goodwill price is paid to the current Franchisee and is over and above the Franchise Fee and initial cash payment made to 7-Eleven.

  6. Americo Says:

    it varies by location, in my first answer i left that out sorry. by the way in my city and state california, it is a total of over $550,000! the feller is asking 225,000 the 711 fee is 325,000 and the initial varies usually around $20k, plus another $9k for inventory at an increase of $1000 per location, all us dollars by the way. good luck all!

  7. Mo Says:

    Hi I am considering buying an existing site/business which does over 1.5MM in sale and the guy wants 420k plus 7-11 fees. is this too much? i dont think it is a good buy but i do like the turnkey part of this business model. especially as an invester

    • Gina Says:

      We are also debating as to whether or not to get a 7/11. We are in the Orange County, CA area and we want to have a 7/11 as a side business in addition to our other jobs and have someone work there. Is it a good option right now? Especially in this area?

      Thanks for any help.


  8. Satyanarayana Behera Says:

    Hi ,
    I looking some 7 eleven with petrol pump

    Thank you

  9. Anonymous Says:

    guys how much 7 11 make every month(around)

  10. Anonymous Says:

    If the gross sales are 1.7 mill the total investment for a GW store should not be more than 300k its not worth it its not easy to sell good will stores because keep opening more and more stores so why buy a Corprate store than a goodwill. Because you only make between 75k & 110 k if you are very good on controlling yr variables

    • cstoreguru Says:

      It all depends on the location of the store. In many areas it is VERY EASY to sell your goodwill store, as long as you price it at market value. In other areas, with many corporate stores for sale, you’ll have a very hard time selling a goodwill store.

  11. Janice Says:

    Greetings c-store-expert@greatconsult.com,
    I would like to own a 7-11. However, I do not have all the money that is required. Are there any options on what I can do to botain this money. I do know that there are Grants available, but I am not sure how realistic this option is. I will need to obtain a lot of money.
    Would the Franchise assist me in drafting a business plan in order to be granted money. Thanks for your response.

    • cstoreguru Says:

      Most franchisees get money from friends and family … you can also try to make a deal with the outgoing franchisee to “carry a note” for 3-5 years. The franchise will not assist you with drafting a business plan, but I can. I have a post about business plans you can check out.

  12. manoharmidas@yahoo.com Says:

    please send me a list of available 7-Eleven stores in fort lauderdale and Buffalo. i am interested for a franchise of 7-eleven.

    • cstoreguru Says:

      I usually don’t post these comments, but since they are becoming more and more prominent, I guess I should re-emphasize:

      I am not currently a 7-Eleven employee, nor am I currently affiliated with them in any way

      If you want information such as this, you need to contact your local franchising manager, and they will be happy to assist you. If you can’t get their number then start with 800 number printed on every 7-eleven door, and tell them that you’re interested in franchising. Good luck!

  13. sree nair Says:

    we want to sell our 7 -11 franchise in downtown colorado springs
    reason for sale: relocating out of colorado
    7-11 cost is about 130K
    goodwill negotiable

  14. Eddie Says:

    Hi Sir,

    I’m a Foreigner in Singapore, I’m currentlly working as employee in Singapore. Meanwhile, I was interested in become an franchisee 7 eleven. But I’m not sure whether it can be done as foreigner to become franchisee in Singapore.

  15. Ken N Says:

    I am planning on buying into a GW sore in Mass. The store roughly does 1.2 and no gas station. The franchisee is asking 175k. The store is clean and in a major plaza. What is a fair offeer for this business

  16. Pan American Bank (@PanAmericanBank) Says:

    If you’re looking to purchase a 7-Eleven within the Southern California territory give us a call to discuss financing. We’re pretty active in financing 7-Eleven stores and may be able to help. Send an email to APenaloza@PanAmericanBank.us or call Alex Penaloza at 323.264.3310. He has worked on many 7-Eleven deals and may be able to shed some light on the process as well.

  17. kyle Says:

    Hi i am new in business field. i want to buy 7 eleven in my area Ellicott city MD. that is goodwill store and revenue is around 1.2 M. they asking GW about 150K and total price around 300K.. So what you think howmuch that store can make profit? do you think it is worth to buy GW sore? or i Should to go with corporate store?

    • cstoreguru Says:

      It’s not an easy question. It depends on what the potential of this store is and what your corporate store options are. A careful analysis is necessary to make the right decision. Good luck!

    • Anonymous Says:

      It makes money , but you have to hands on at-least 60 hours but 7 -11 corporate really is bad , once u sign the agreement u r like a employee had one for 4 years then sold it got out without a loss

  18. Vikramjeet Virk Says:

    Good morning, I want to by a 7-Eleven in Austin Texas area.I have applied online form and got a email from Franchise Sales Representative who sent me Franchise Disclosure Document, And next week I am going to attend the Seminar also. Question I have is totally different. I have a friend with good credit score and willing to spend half the cost and want to be 50% partner. I have 642 credit score which is not good enough.Alone i wont be able to buy but together we can buy a very high volume Corporate store.I know 7-Eleven only allow a husband and wife to buy. But what can I do.We both friend are very serious and want to own 7-eleven.Can we ? and how can we make a agreement, who can help us to make a document to be partners and share the profit 50/50. We both are be working at the store. Thanks in advance.

  19. MFengr Says:

    I just got a 7-11 about 3 months ago. The corporate people are really bad, the FC is really treating me like an employee. I have a manager who is managing the store, but still the FC keeps bothering me. I just feel like I should sell it, it is been 3 months and it feels like they are after me and want to take the store back and sell it again to someone else. I also know that the area manager wanted someone else to get that store, but I did all my paper work before and got approved before that other person could. If anyone can help me and let me know what my legal rites are and also what can I say to the FC.
    Thank you,

    • cstoreguru Says:

      If the FC is being rude, your legal rights are to tell them to get the F out of your store and don’t come back.

      If however, they’re politely informing you of things you’re doing wrong, then you just continue doing your best and don’t worry about it. The first few months is a big adjustment period. You’ll get through it and everything will be ok.

      If you decide 7-eleven is not for you, you can always sell your store and move on, but that’s a tough decision to make if it’s only been a few months.

      • MFenger Says:

        Thank you, cstoreguru, its been 7months since I have owned the store, I did complain about the area manager to our local FOA. They said that they will help me with the situation and that they are behind me. Since then it has just been little less problem from the corporate people but still they do try to harass me. I am really thinking about selling the store. Is is difficult to sell a store. It is a very busy store with the sales to reach $1.8M. with avg. monthly sale of 153K.

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